Since 1990 our safety consultants have been identifying safety hazards in the workplace, providing safety training for employees and advising management in correcting safety issues.


ON GOING SAFETY & HEALTH ADVICE provides occupational safety and health consulting services. We have highly qualified safety consultants ready to help employers with all occupational safety concerns.


An effective occupational safety and health training program can result in fewer injuries and illnesses, better morale and lower workers’ compensation insurance premiums, among other benefits.


The Occupational Safety and Health Act, passed in 1970, is one of the key federal laws covering workplace safety. The US-Department of Labor-Occupational Safety and Health Administration (US-DOL-OSHA) oversees the law today, providing guidance to employers and employees alike.


ON GOING SAFETY & HEALTH ADVICE can save a company a substantial amount of money by finding hazards that can be corrected before a government inspector, like those working for the US-DOL-OSHA, perform an inspection. These inspectors have the ability to levy fines if violations are deemed severe enough. This is usually accomplished by a multi-pronged approach involving safety training, implementation of a safety program and regular safety inspections.


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