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ON GOING SAFETY & HEALTH ADVICE assists employers in protecting workers and assets with a safety and health regulation inspection and development of a safety program. The program consists of required written programs, employee training and monthly facility visits to assist employers to fully comply with US-DOL-OSHA standards applicable to the employer’s specific industry.


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A rock-solid safety program looks different for each company. No matter where your company’s safety program currently stands, we encourage you to contact us today so that we can help you to determine what your company needs to do to meet the minimum safety requirements of the US-DOL-Occupational Safety and Health Act, beef up your safety program, or to go over and above.

On going Safety & Health Advice will

• Review the efficiency and reliability of your workplace safety and health

• Evaluate whether your facility’s efforts align with accepted best practices

• Ensure you’re aware of federal safety regulations and other key standards

• Prepare a post-inspection report with recommendations and solutions


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